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Bloom Bakery

This locally owned bakery offers lots of different espresso drinks, coffee, and a case full of delicious cookies, pastries, muffins, cupcakes and lots of other sweet treats! Join us soon for your treat fix.  We take pride in offering a unique treat for any occasion. Contact us for your custom orders today. Bakery hours Sun.…

Country Cafe & Bakery

Fresh, local produce from the Creech family farm to your table.  Handcrafted jams and jellies.  Take home some of our delicious, homemade breads, noodles, cakes, pies, and cake rolls. Soups, salads,sandwiches, and you have to try our famous Italian Grilled Cheese sandwich! Dine in or carry out. Tues-Thurs 7am-3pm, Fri & Sat 7am-7pm, Sun 9am-2pm.