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  • Best Lecture
    WIWU-TV 51 Presents a brand new series, Best Lecture.  Focused on educational and thought provoking content, the first season will showcase eight different professors from Indiana Wesleyan University. You can find all the latest episodes of season one on our Youtube channel    
  • High School Football Game of the Week
    Marion Giants @ Mississinewa Indians streaming at 7PM
  • Wildcat Sports Stream
    Volleyball LIVE streaming October 3rd @ 7PM Mt Vernon at Indiana Wesleyan

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  • State Workers Get New Parental Leave Policy
    State workers will be getting a new parental leave policy in 2018. By an executive order from Governor Eric Holcomb, the state will provide four weeks away from the job for both new mothers and new fathers
  • Legislative Leaders Predict No Change In Cold Beer Law
    Two leading voices on Indiana alcohol issues say there’s little chance lawmakers will take action allowing convenience and grocery stores to sell cold beer. Former State Senator Beverly Gard, who led an alcohol study commission, and Senate
  • Bunker Hill Fires Town Marshal Again
    The town of Bunker Hill is apparently plagued with public corruption.  The Miami County town is facing controversy once again after the Town Council fired town marshal Aaron Dague at a recent council meeting, citing conduct unbecoming

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  • Serotonin-Induced Giving
    So, yeah, I can’t cook. Well, technically, I can cook three things: lasagna, biscuits and gravy, and pancakes. But, outside of that, my husband does most of the cooking. I had to laugh recently when my son sent a letter home from Boot Camp that said he missed Dad’s cooking! What can I say, I... […]
  • Acute Angle
    We should have known it was a bad sign when Dalton’s kindergarten teacher at Lakeview, Mrs. Curtis, sat us down in those tiny little chairs and said that our son was having difficulty with his color words. I remember looking at her and saying, “But, his last name is a color word: Brown!” Yeah, he’s... […]
  • The Three-Item Challenge
    Results. We all want them. Some rely on them. Some have to go into overtime to get them. Some get statues because of them. (#Peyton) Some write books about them. That’s what Simon Sinek did. His book, Start with Why reminded me of book Good to Great by Collins in that it shows the minor... […]